Required Forms

The following forms should be printed out and signed by every Sea Scout. They are required to be able to use the sailing fleet or participate in any high adventure activity.

Document Description
Annual Health and Medical Form (replaces Class 1, 2, and 3 health forms) This form must be renewed every year by both adult leaders and scouts. It requires your doctors signature, so don't wait until the last minute.
Release of Liability This form is required before a scout may use any of the squadron ships. This must by signed by both the scout and the scout's parent or guardian and filed with the Commodore.


Document Description
Leader Uniform This document explains the requirments for a Sea Scout Leader's uniform
Scout's Uniform Explains the requirments for a Sea Scout's uniform
Uniform Mesurement Guide Explains what to measure for a Sea Scout's uniform
Navy Neckerchief Explains how to roll and tie the Navy Nevkerychief

Other Important Documents and Forms

Document Description
Sea Scout Advancement Explains the requirements for rank advancement.
Sailboat Use Rules This document explains the rules for the use of the squadron sailboats. Please be familiar with them.
Safety at Sea A handy collection of tips for staying safe on the water.
Fleet Status A list of the status of every boat the squadron owns.
Underwater Archeology Underwater Archeology Program.
Sea Scout Proclomation Georgia Sea Scout Proclaimation.